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Should you EVER Join a Network Marketing Opportunity?


To me, network marketing is the lowest overhead, lowest risk way to possibly generate passive income, meaning, income that YOU didn’t specifically have to work for. You see, MOST people have a job and they get paid hourly or a salary and if they stop showing up, that income goes away, almost immediately.

In network marketing it is at least POSSIBLE to build a team of people or customers that when they sell or purchase products, you get a small cut. This can add up. Top earners network marketers have since coached people who had teams of over 700,000 people that have made tens of millions of dollars (again, results not typical).

Here’s my quick list on the question most people ask before join the opportunity:

If you:

– Understand that anything worth having takes effort

– Are coachable and have a good attitude

– Aren’t looking for some magical scratch off lottery ticket


– Would like to make some additional money without changing occupations

– Are willing to face some rejection as many of the people you talk to will NOT buy from you or join you (and some may even ridicule you)

– AND you embrace the idea of giving it at least three years

Then I think finding the right Network Marketing Opportunity is a good idea for you.



prodtfTransform your body with PRO-TF™ and live a youthful vibrant life!* Every two-scoop serving of PRO-TF provides 20 grams of the most advanced and effective protein available to help you transform your body, optimize performance, and promote health.* PRO-TF includes a critically essential protein source for your body plus 600 mg of the exclusive immune system supporting 4Life Transfer Factor® in every daily serving.*

PRO-TF was tested in an independent university study and was shown to significantly increase muscle growth by 74% and was more effective than the leading whey protein in the following areas†:

  • Stimulates fat burning from visible/surface fat for up to 3 hours**
  • Stimulates fat burning from “bad fat” stores for up to 3 hours**
  • Reduces hunger cravings for up to 3 hours**
  • Reduces muscle breakdown for up to 3 hours**

†4Life Research, Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS, and Auburn University’s Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory in the College of Education, School of Kinesiology, conducted research to determine the safety and efficacy of PRO-TF™, a patent-pending product [FASED J 2-14;28(1):LB440; FASEB J 2014: 28(1):JB439].

**Results, as observed under fasted and controlled conditions, and as occurred directly within the samples. Actual results may vary.


Transform Your Body








PRO-TF & 4Life Transform products have been independently and Auburn University-tested to support:

  • Calorie and fat burning*
  • Muscle growth*
  • Increased metabolism*
  • Hunger suppression*
  • Mental acuity*
  • Sexual Vitality*
  • Energy*





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