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I just came across this article from TheSunDaily when I met with a few close college buddies over the weekends. And it is no secret that many of us are facing the same financial pressure that is looming over our shoulders. So it is important that you have a plan that gives you more financial security than just working in a job.


The survey conducted shows that Malaysians were struggling with the rising cost of living due to factors including implementation of GST, a weakening economy, coupled with our falling currency.

All these are real issues concerning most Malaysians and more importantly, they are worried for their future generations to come. Because even now, many working professionals are struggling just to even purchase their first home.

However, during our discussion, we also agreed that while many Malaysians are affected by these issues, there are some who are literally ‘untouchable’ in spite of how the economy performs.

One of them, is Hadi, my business partner and mentor.

He told us that even though Malaysia is going through a tough time now, he is still consistently making an average of 5-Figure Passive Income from his business venture every month without fail…All in Malaysia Ringgit!

Enjoy learning!

Mike Wong
Home Based Business

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