Do you own your life?

Do you like to be recognized? Do you like the work you have done being recognized? Do you have your own value? Do you like being on stage? Do you like this type of lifestyle? Do you like what you are doing now?
I can never had all of these in my life before.
After finished high school, not graduated because I failed in Bahasa Malaysia language and Chinese language. So, I worked as a industry operator and later as server in the restaurant in foreign countries for about 15 years. My life had no value in the eyes of the corporate. My hard work will never get appreciated and recognized. Those people at the top will never know me.
After that I was in a partnership business in eatery industry. Again same thing. If the business is good, all of the partnership will be very happy; if the business not doing good, or what they think is not good, I will get ugly look.
Only in this business in this industry, my life changed, I have my own life, I control my own life, I determine my life value, my hard work being recognized, I have my life freedom.
I did it! I own my life now!
What’s your? Do you have the same story that I have? Do you like to change?








If you want to DO LIFE DIFFERENTLY or help others to do the same, feel free to share this around.


Mike Wong

International Business Partner & Coach


P.S. Hey. By the way, if you like health and wellness like I do and maybe you’d like to make some extra money from it, feel free to reach out to me.



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