Everyone gets them, but no one wants to talk about them

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, hearing “NO” when prospecting is probably something that is not new to you…maybe it’s even something that you dread…or that holds you back entirely.


But it shouldn’t!

People will often offer objections about why they don’t feel your business is a good fit for them.

Don’t fear these objections!


Discussing these objections can actually move the conversation FORWARD when you stop taking them personally and treat them like requests for information.

Here are three reasons I LOVE objections:

  1. They invite a real conversation about your prospect and your business allowing you to determine whether the two are really a good fit.
  2. It begins the training process! If this objecting prospect does join your team, you’ll already have modeled that objections are simply part of the process of building her business.
  3. Educating people about our business is fun, and reminds us of all that our business has to offer. Answering to objections can really fuel our passion for what we do!

BIG TIP: Don’t get defensive, and don’t go into convincing mode!

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever heard when it comes to objections is to respond with a question. This helps you to determine if the prospect truly even understands what they are objecting too or if they have incorrect assumptions about your business that you can help to correct.

Then, once you’ve asked the clarifying question, using the FEEL, FELT, FOUND method is a great next step!

For example: I understand how you FEEL about _______. I’ve FELT that way before. But here’s what I’ve FOUND: _____________.

This approach shows your prospect that you are listening and acknowledging their reservations and that you can genuinely relate to them. It also gives them clarifying information and insight that will help them to better understand the business and business opportunity.

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