How To Transform Healthy Lifestyle In 60 Days?

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Transform your body and your lifestyle

What is 4Life Transform?

Is a personal transformation program. We create, embrace and celebrate 360-degree transformation focusing primarily on the physical. The degree of transformation varies and is unique to each individual.

Is also a journey of acquiring new habits, knowledge and skills. And we have added lots of fun into this journey. So, once you come on-board, expect an extraordinary journey!

Consists of 3 key components:

Intelligent Diet (eating habits) 80%, Exercise 20%, Intelligent Supplements.

These 3 components work together to help a person transform and be the best he or she can be.


Are you ready to transform your life?

Many people want to make changes but aren’t sure how to get started or what to do first. Whether you’re looking to transform your body, improve your finances, or develop a stronger connection with a loved one, your time is now!

What do you dream about?

1. Achieving your ideal body

2. Burning fat

3. Building muscle

4. Feeling strong

5. Enjoying healthy energy levels

6. Handling daily stress gracefully

7. Enjoying your relationships

8. Aging well

9. Increasing sports performance

10. Improving your workout

11. Contributing to your family finances

12. Developing a long-term career plan


Make the decision to turn your dreams into goals today. Embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of living. With 4Life as your partner, you can truly transform your life!



1. Transform your body.

Our best-selling 4Life Transform products can make a big difference—and we’ve got the studies to prove it. Check out the transformation stories and photos below.

2. Feel your best.

When your feel healthy, you can live your best life! 4Life offers exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor products that help strengthen your immune system.

3. Achieve your financial goals.

Once you start transforming your body, people will want to know what you’re doing. When you become a 4Life partner, you can earn money by selling products you love to friends and family members. Resell 4Life products for a profit, experience Rapid Rewards bonus, and enjoy monthly bonus commissions.

4. Live the life of your dreams.

You can experience all that life has to offer! Turn your dreams into goals, and start taking action to transform your life today. Speak to me for more information @ email: or phone: +6016-8786007, or visit website to learn more.



all products summary


1. 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida Stix

4Life Riovida Stix


Immune system and antioxidant benefits in
single-serving powder pack.
1. Supports the immune system with 600 milligrams 4Life Transfer Factor per serving*
2. Delivers potent antioxidants from açaí, elderberry, blueberry, pomegranate, grape seed, purple grape and purple carrot
3. Replenishes electrolytes to support nerve and muscle function

Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservative


2. 4Life Energy Go Stix

4Life Energy-go-stix

These On-the-go packets are infused with 4Life Transfer Factor® and herbs to improve mood, physical stamina and mental alertness.

Contains arginine, green tea leaf extract, yerba mate leaf extract and guarana (Paullinia cupana) seed extract.
Serving Size: One (1) packet (5.5 g) / Servings Per box: 30 

Mix one (1) packet with 8 oz of water and drink up.

3. 4Life PRO-TF


Do you know?
The human body is composed of roughly 62% water, 16% fat, 16% protein, 6% minerals, and less than 1% carbohydrate, along with very small amounts of vitamins and other miscellaneous substances. Protein are the building blocks of the body. Consuming high quality protein that is easily absorbed, digested and utilized by the body is key to healthy aging, good muscle composition and weightmanagement.

PRO-TF® Vanilla Cream is university-tested, ultra-absorbable protein that supports lean muscle and stimulates fat burn up to 564%. Each scoop provides 10g of Low Molecular Weight Protein from egg white and whey to transform your body. It is also the only protein supplement in the world to contain 4Life Transfer Factor® for additional immune support.

4. 4Life NutraStart

4Life Nutrastart

Take NutraStart for healthy weight management. Contains 4Life Transfer Factor® to support the immune system and 22 other vital nutrients. It’s high protein, low sugar, low fat, high fiber PLUS super delicious! Comes in natural chocolate and vanilla flavor.

5. 4Life Harvest Plus

Harvest Plus

Your green buddy:
Contains phytonutrients sourced from some of the most nutrient-rich plant sources available today including spirulina, chia seed, blue-green algae, flax seed and chlorella.
Provides nutrition from food sources in their biologically complex form.
Includes sources of alkaline-forming foods that balance the pH 
of the body.
Contributes to everyday good nutrition needed for healthy cell growth and overall wellness
Provides high levels of antioxidants from various food sources for optimal antioxidant protection


6. Tea4Life


Tea4Life is a delicious cleansing tea that contains 10 healthful herbs to promote clean and healthy gut. It is also traditionally used to reduce body weight.
1. Supports healthy body weight
2. Supports intestinal health through digestive cleansing
3. Supports regular bowel movement
4. Natural apple flavor

DIRECTIONS: Place one tea bag in your mug. Add boiling water and let it steep for 4-6 minutes
Each box contains 30 teabags


Jumpstart Day 1-10
Transform Day 11-30







Ignite Your Body Transformation with 4Life Transform Today!

Contact me today for more information!

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Phone: +6016-8786007

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