Is your lifestyle aging you?

Are your lifestyle choices making you age faster?


We all know that unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles are factors that have been driving the obesity epidemic. But a new study out of the Mayo Clinic has also linked them to the biology of aging. That’s right, what you eat and how physically active you are directly influences how quickly you age.


The study starts with senescent cells.


Researchers from the Mayo Clinic Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging

“We think at both a biological level and a clinical level, poor nutrition choices and inactive lifestyles do accelerate aging,” says Nathan LeBrasseur, Ph.D., director of the Center on Aging’s Healthy and Independent Living Program and senior author of the study. “So now we’ve shown this in very fine detail at a cellular level, and we can see it clinically. And people need to remember that even though you don’t have the diagnosis of diabetes or the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease today when you’re in midlife, the biology underlying those processes is hard at work.”


Healthy Living Equals Successful Living


Introducing 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida


For healthy living, every living cell within our own bodies must be sustained through some internal processes that enhance the intake of nutrients and their subsequent conversion into energy for the purpose of use by other body parts. What has not been clearly understood across the board is the other components that are released from the food nutrients along with the energy and how they inhibit the optimum utilization of this energy. This later part requires some mechanisms to facilitate the smooth flow of the energy into other parts of the body. When researching the conditions of the generated energy in the body system, it has been found through research that these inhibitors are some of the major drawbacks associated with the premature aging and low levels of immunity by the body.

This is not a disease unto itself and premature aging is the body’s natural response to these energy inhibitors. It is the body working to adjust to the condition and needs to be supported. Never ignore inflammations. If they are not given attention and attended to, they can easily get worse, leading to more severe negative conditions like premature aging, weight gain, loss of appetite and even raise the rates of inactivity.

It in the light of controlling the inflammations that 4Life has come up with the 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida to help you boost your body’s ability to control inflammations among other conditions.

*Halal Certified, Kosher Certified

 What is 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida

One of the most negative aspects of premature aging comes from inhibitors that are produced along with the energy during the process of breaking down into soluble nutrients. As such, the body needs to be boosted to effectively deal with the effects of inflammations and restore its normal degeneration process, especially through natural means.

The product 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida offers this kind of support and is a Tri-Factor formula designed to help the body. It supports the immune system as a means of overcoming the effects of the energy inhibitors which can cause damage to body cells. This is how 4Life Transfer Factor Riovida promotes healthy aging processes and restores, maintains and boosts overall cell functionality. The product is also a potent immune booster which enhances the body’s natural defense system.

The supplement has been proven to be effective and has no side effects, making it a perfect product for everybody. You don’t have to wait to try it and enjoy its numerous benefits. The product is worth your money and comes with no regrets.



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