Millionaire Bootcamp 918 (2018)

Discover the Secrets of an Abundant Life:
Happiness, Health  & Wealth

  • Discover Your Inner Strength and Potential 
  • Quantum Physics – The Science of Mind over Matter 
  • How to Ignite Your Burning Desire 
  • Re-programming Your Mindset to Receive the Flow of Abundance
  • The Cash Flow Quadrant: How to build a huge Business & Earn Money while you sleep
  • Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Business Worldwide
  • Transferceutical Science – The Latest Scientific Discovery for Health & Longevity
  • Improve Your Communication and People Skills



Experience the Total Body, Mind & Financial Transformation

See and learn the scientific proof and explanation on how your Mind can really CHANGE things around you, INSTANTLY. So that when you change your thinking, you change your life, INSTANTLY!



Transform into a MONEY MAGNET

The personal & financial results that you have in your life is the product of what you were programmed with since your childhood. Even though you tried HARD to change, you find it difficult & with very little result. Here you will Experience the Mindset re-programming Methodology & Feel the RESULTS in just 15 minutes time.

Understand about the keys & principles to the most Effective & Smart Business system that allows you to earn while you sleep, and increase in Value as the years goes by. Using social media LinkedIn to expand your business worldwide.

Health is Wealth – learn about the latest Scientific Discovery & The Secrets of nature for Age Reversal & Longevity.


Our Participants

Our participants come from various countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and United States.

Our participants come from various industries and professions. We have Students, House wives, Engineers, Insurance agents, Property agents, Network marketers, Teachers, Business coach, Lawyers, CEO, Medical doctors and other professions.



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Mike Wong

International Distributor & Coach


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