New Success People In Korea

Bak Mi Ae and Eom Kwang Bok from South Korea worked hard at building their 4Life business for five years, and now, they’ve reached the highest honor of Platinum International Diamond. We are so happy to celebrate them!

Let’s don’t stop. Let’s keep moving forward.

It’s December now. It’s almost the end of 2017. In this business people do coming in December. There’s people interested in business. Because usually in December, people saying the business is very slow, very slow. People not interested in business at this time. People spend money to celebrate Christmas, spend money to buy school children for the coming new year school, people spend money to buy things for the Chinese new year. Well, let me tell you, that won’t happen in this business. There still have people interested in business, in making money.

I’m excited about it, about this business because of a few reasons.

This shows that the Korea, the country, the market is very interested in 4Life. And nothing will hold you back. Any of you can make Platinum International Diamond PID the top rank. But you have to want it, that’s the key.

How do I feel about that person’s success? I feel good about it because it shows that you can be great in Korea.

Desire, people have to have it to success. If they don’t have it, there’s nothing you can do for that person. We cannot teach desire. You have to go out there to find people that do have that desire. And there’s many out there that do. Don’t spend your time with people who don’t have desire in your team.

Keep in mind, now only have few Platinum International Diamond in Korea, you could be the next one. You have to have that desire. Nobody can give that to you.

So what can we do to make 2018 better or great?

The first thing you should do is apply yourself to personal growth. Make sure you’re a student of leadership. Leaders are readers. Read more books. That’s most important because you cannot put out or perform what you haven’t given to yourself. Also we are in the era of social media trends. We cannot avoid in our daily life, and for business this is very important. So I recommend that you get more knowledgeable about social media.

Strive to set a goal to become better your personal growth and be better in social media.

Set your goals for 2018. Set goal for the year. set goal for the month start from January. Set goal for every week. For the beginning of the year, have a 90-day goal start fro January til March. Where you want to be in 90 days? Do you want to reach a new rank levels, or help your leaders that are really leaders that really do have desire, or help them to need to reach new rank position.

So think big for 2018.

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