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Whey, which is the primary protein in the watery component of milk, is a convenient and beneficial source of protein with little fat. Compared to other proteins, whey protein allows for more rapid absorption. Naturally-occurring animal proteins generally contain optimal ratios of critical branched chain amino acids or BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), providing optimal support for muscle adaptation from exercise. Therefore, whey is an ideal protein for muscle maintenance, growth, and recovery in physically active individuals. Whey has also been shown to increase satiety and resting energy expenditure and assist fat loss.

Pro-TF includes high-quality whey protein and 4Life Transfer Factor®. Pro-TF enhances absorption of protein, provides optimal ratios of naturally occurring BCAAs, and supports immune system function, all without any lactose or gluten.

Pro-TF uses both undenatured and hydrolyzed whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey breaks down into smaller components for easier absorption and digestion. Pro-TF is more easily digested than other whey proteins on the market. When you consider the relatively small “anabolic window” which is ideal for muscle adaptation and recovery, improved absorption can be a significant benefit. Pro-TF also compares very favorably with generic whey protein and other foods rich in protein because of its BCAA ratio. The optimal BCAA ratio for muscle growth and maintenance is 2:1:1. Pro-TF contains high levels of amino acids and the optimal ratio of BCAAs.
As a result of studying these topics further, Mobley and colleagues found that hydrolyzed whey plus 4Life Transfer Factor increased protein synthesis by 74%.1 The undenatured whey in PRO-TF resulted in a 104% increase in protein synthesis, which is an essential step for muscle growth and repair. Mobley and colleagues also found that hydrolyzed whey plus 4Life Transfer Factor was very effective at stimulating fat burning markers. Similar data was observed when this group analyzed hunger craving markers: hydrolyzed whey plus 4Life Transfer Factor reduced hunger craving markers by 62% for up to 3 hours.

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