Questions For A Perfect Day

A successful person is planning for a perfect day. What do you have?

These are the questions that I am getting when attending MBC Millionaire Boot Camp on September 2016.


1. What time do you wake up?

2. What is the feeling with your body when you wake up?

3. What are the 1st three things that come into your head when you wake up?

4. When you sit up of your bed, what and who do you see?

5. What city are you in?

6. Where do you walk or what do you walk past to get to the kitchen?

7. What do you prepare for breakfast or what is prepared for you?

8. What music is playing as you eat breakfast?

9. What are you reading?

10. Who do you have breakfast with?

11. What do you see in the mirror on the way into the shower?

12. What does your shower look like?

13. What products do you use for grooming?

14. What does your wardrobe look like?

15. What individual items do you choose to put on today?

16. Which watch do you choose to wear today?

17. Do you kiss anyone on the way out the door?

18. How do you feel about that person?

19. How do they feel about you?

20. What does your garage look like? How many cars? What other equipment is in there?

21. Do you have a driver?

22. Where do you go?

23. How do you carry yourself into this place?

24. Who do you meet when you get there?

25. What does it look like inside?

26. What’s the first thing happening that day?

27. You have a meeting with your typical client/customer, who is this person?

28. Where does this happen?

29. What do you talk about?

30. Why are they really happy when they walk away from you?

31. What are the 3 next things that happen that day?

32. What time do you finish work?

33. Who do you meet after work and where?

34. You’re walking down the street back to your car and you pass an ATM and are reminded of how much money is in your personal spending account, how much is this?

35. How much money is in your wealth account?

36. How much money is in your giving account?

37. On the drive home home you’re thinking about the awesome trip you’re taking this weekend, where is it and what are you doing? Who are you going with?

38. When you get home, what music is playing in the playground?

39. Who is there?

40. What are you preparing for dinner? Or what is being prepared for you?

41. What does the dinning table look like?

42. Dinner is served. What does the dinner table look like?

43. What sort of cutlery are you using?

44. What is your after dinner drink of choice?

45. Do you stay in or go out for this drink?

46. Who is texting you throughout this evening, what are they saying?

47. What else do you do?

48. When you decide to go to bed, who is going with you? If anyone.

49. What are the last 3 things you think about before you sleep?

If you think these questions will inspire others to have a perfect day, feel free to share.






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P.S. Remember, success in business – and in life – requires the right mindset. If you want to create a 6-figure income and financial freedom for yourself and your family, you need 6-figure  mindset. It really is that simple.

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