This horrible statistic effects you

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I’m writing this to address a concern. I’ve just seen a horrible statistic.

This statistic is about the layoffs and unemployment problem. I’m not talking about the lies our government feeds us. I’m talking about the true numbers, and they are not good.

We all know people who have lost their job and been unable to find another, or found another job that pays far less. We all know the economy is worse off than the government is saying.

We were all taught that getting a good job was the way to fulfillment and happiness. Instead, it’s lead to uncertainty and a complete lack of control over your life.

As a child, I saw my mother and father constantly fight over not having enough money. This is nothing new. As a adult and having my own family, I can feel that uncertainty. I saw my friends going through the divorce over not having enough money. Female friends left their family looking for rich man. So many examples. For decades, money has been the number one reason people cite for getting divorced and for being unhappy.

To allow such an important part of our lives to be controlled by other people – bosses and financial advisors- just seems dangerous and almost evil.

I studied to study the businesses until I was 38. I was looking for a better way business. I have been through building a traditional business, trading business, direct selling business. But none of those businesses gave me time freedom. I still have to trade time for money exactly like working for a job.

I began to look for a business partner who could teach me about business. He knew about business and I needed to find a teacher that could instruct me. Because of my business partner’s training I was able to really build my own business and get retire before the age of 47, financially free for the rest of my life.

If I had followed my poor mindset advice – the advice of being a good employee until I was 65 years old – I would still be working today, worrying about my job security and worrying about my pension plan filled with mutual funds that make the fund mangers rich and keep the rest of us working.

Here’s what’s scary to me…

I’m older than 65, but I would still be working. Now days many people are not able to retire and often work until their death. That could have been me…

Don’t let it be you.

Take action RIGHT NOW!

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Mike Wong

International Business Partner & Coach


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