To Raise Smarter Children


Normally, I mainly share and talk about my home business, charity work, motivation quotes, Network Marketing strategies and tactics, etc…
so why today talk about “to raise smarter children”?

Since we had our daughter & son, I have been very focused on learning all I can as a parent to do as many things to help them while they are growing up. This prompted me to do a deep dive into learning how to be a better parent. First couple years, I thought it doesn’t matter. Our children can learn anything while they grow up. But I’m wrong. I have seen so many trouble children nowadays.

I didn’t want to assume that my years and years of self-development obsession somehow taught me how to raise smarter children so I decided to really study the topic.
I have read quite a few books on parenting only the last couple years because I think we have the responsibility to raise smarter children, and learned a lot so I want to share my findings.

I have also found that MANY network marketing parents want to raise their kids to understand the world of possibility and NOT have them think in ANY limited manner.
Perhaps we want to help them succeed and understand the world at an earlier age than we did.

I also believe that MANY of the world’s problems are caused by children not being raised with the right set of values and not being brought up in an education seeking household but instead in a “Think what I think” environment.
It may come as a surprise that not all parents know very thing and what is right to improve this world but if you raise kids to learn HOW to think versus WHAT to think, there’s a chance!

If you too want the next generation to be the smartest, most able and responsible generation, feel free to share this around.






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