What the New U.S. Tax Bill Means for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

The U.S. Government just passed a new tax bill, and it’s a huge win for entrepreneurs! So, as entrepreneurs we need to respond and take advantage of the cards that are dealt to us. 

Business owners, whether they are small business or big business, are going to benefit dramatically because the tax rate is going to drop down so much for businesses. For most of you, the tax savings alone are going to be more than worth whatever it is you spent to get involved in this profession, Network Marketing and stay actively involved in this profession.


Now think about this. For those of you who are living in the United States, you just got a huge, huge opportunity that was given to you that new tax law was just created. Huge! Huge! So, if you are in W2 worker, and you have a job and all that, you can benefit something from that tax bill. But the one who is really gonna to benefit from it will be the entrepreneurs.

People are getting the 1099, the entrepreneurs. And they are going to benefit big, major big. So, why would anyone would look at network marketing today? Because they want to leverage on that tax. That huge tax savings. I mean, a person that works and has a job they can’t write their house off, they can’t write their car off, they can’t keep most of their money. It’s going to the taxes. A person who is a entrepreneur, they create a residual income. He is going to keep most of that money now with this tax bill. Plus he can write his house off, plus he can write his car off. And that is there so much you can leverage on, so much wealth that will be going to create now, right now! Because of this new tax law.

If there is any time get involved in network marketing, it is right now! Especially you are an American living in the United States. Especially! And right now, this is certainly the time to take a look at network marketing, and just because of that new tax law that will created. This is definitely the age of the entrepreneur. This is the time to take the advantage of it.


More in depth explanation from Network Marketing Pro — Eric Worre.

Investing in a traditional business costs about $60,000 – $70,000. Running a traditional business even costly. However, investing in a network marketing business costs you about $150. Running a network marketing even easier and cost savings, especially tax savings. Moreover, the network marketing business is for everyone who has the desire to start their part time income or opportunity.

Learn more how this profession is going to help you in this new change!

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