Why Industry Leaders Return To Vemma?


  • Awesome product
  • BIG believers in liquid supplementation
  • Vemma’s Loyalty Program
  • Tax benefits of having a home based business
  • Bod-e Pro Build — first of its kind within network marketing
  • Vemma Bod-e Program — with Bod-e Mobile App

It says something about a company when former distributors return.

After being gone from Vemma for 3 1/2 years Tyler and Mimi Ford are proud to announce they have teamed back up with Vemma under the high caliber leadership of BK Boreyko, Tom and Bethany Alkazin, and Dave and Kim Rassmussen.

Vemma the product is an awesome product and the foundation for optimal health and peak performance.

We have always been BIG believers in liquid supplementation. Now through Vemma’s Loyalty Program we get to consume the Vemma product line at a huge discount while earning an income not to mention the tax benefits of having a home based business.

Not only does Vemma have a one of a kind liquid nutritional supplement they have a spectacular line called Bod-e™ and Bod-e Pro™ geared towards weight management. And how about the Verve Energy Drink line which is hands down the best and healthiest energy drink on the market today!

The move back to Vemma is perfect timing for us because Vemma is launching and shipping a new product out this week called Bod-e Pro Build which is the first of its kind within network marketing. Bod-e Pro Build is a nutritional protein shake in a can. Had the opportunity of tasting it pre-launch and have to say it is beyond amazing and so convenient.

The Vemma Bod-e Program takes the guess work out of weight loss and fitness. Chris and Heidi Powell are with you as your own personal trainers every step of the way on the Bod-e mobile app. This app gives you the tools to lose weight, eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle. You even get a tip of the day right from Chris and Heidi Powell to keep you motivated and on task to meet your goals.

We are excited, as Vemma Affilates, to positively impact people’s health and finances while Inspiring People to Move! ™


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To Your Success,



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